• Recital in Hyogo (Japan)

    Awaji Junior High School Music Recital at Shizuka Hall, Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture, 12:30 pm

  • Recital in Hyogo (Japan)

    “Memories of Alhambra” with special guest Takaaki Enoki (narration) at Awaji City Sunshine Hall, Hyogo Prefecture, 2:00 pm

  • Article in Japanese newspaper, Sankei Shimbun

    Article about Saturday, October 8 recital in Awaji edition of Japanese newspaper, Sankei Shimbun

  • Articles in Japanese piano magazine, Chopin

    “The Life of Falla” and “Lesson: How to Play Falla’s ‘Fantasia Baetica’” by Azumi Nishizawa in October 2016 issue of Japanese piano magazine, Chopin
    Read “The Life of Falla”
    Read “Lesson: How to Play Falla’s ‘Fantasia Baetica’”






  • Appearance in Hyogo (Japan)

    “Uno de 50 Kobe” Opening Commemoration Party at EH Bank (Café), Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, 7:00 pm

  • Event appearance in Tokyo (Japan)

    Shinagawa Marriott Hotel, Tokyo (Japan)

  • Private recital in Nagano (Japan)

    Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, 6:00 pm

  • Recital in Nagano (Japan)

    “Spanish Piano Recital and Cocktails” at Karuizawa Mampei Hotel, Main Dining Room, Nagano Prefecture, 4:00 pm

  • Appearance in Hyogo (Japan)

    Asia-Pacific Forum at Awaji Yumebutai International Convention Center, Hyogo Prefecture, 6:00 pm

  • Private salon concert, Hyogo (Japan)

    Hyogo Prefecture