• New Video ! Debussy Clair de lune

  • Las dos caras de Falla


    Las dos caras de Falla

    Una breve guía para conocer y profundizar en la música del genial compositor gadita

  • My new album, Bellissimo, was selected as a special selection in the June issue of Record Geijutsu magazine, out yesterday!

    My new CD album , Bellissimo, was selected as a special selection in the June issue of Record Geijutsu magazine, out yesterday!
    It featured 13 Italian composers who gave me a dream come true in the depressing Covid-19   disaster.

    I am sincerely grateful to the music critics who gave me high praise for the selection of the CD, for the bright tone, the legato, the singing and the dynamic playing!


  • Final part of a three-part series of interviews from the 8 June concert at the Old Ueno Concert Hall, Part 3.

    -The performance is at the former Tokyo Music School Sogakudo, which is also designated as an important cultural asset. Is there anything you are looking forward to, Nishizawa-san?

    This is a hall where some of Japan’s leading representatives of Western music, such as Taki Rentaro and Yamada Kosaku, used to perform. When I was a child, my parents took me to a concert at the old concert hall and I was completely enamoured with its romantic atmosphere and sopranos singing in beautiful dresses. I never thought I would be able to play here. I am very happy. The sound of the park’s greenery seemed to resonate so softly, reminding me of the nearby Parc Monceau in the 8th arrondissement, where I lived from the age of 18, when I was studying in Paris. I hope that the French music in the second half of the concert will make you feel as if you are wandering around the cosy 8th arrondissement.


    –Is there anything you would like to take on further in the future, Nishizawa-san?

    On 15 November, we will hold the regular concert of the aforementioned (see *interview vol. 2) Falla Friends Society. We will welcome a special guest, a wonderful Italian violinist from Venice, who will give a thrilling talk about the music of the Mediterranean countries, which is the basis of Western music, with a focus on Falla. With your support and feedback, I hope to learn in depth and enjoy myself.

    Please take a look at some photos from the rehearsal at the Venice Conservatory.


    -Finally, what would you like to say to everyone who is looking forward to the day?

    For the Venice-themed song, I would be happy if you could also take a look at the two videos I have just taken in Venice, on my mobile phone, for your reference.

    Venezia 1

    Venezia 2

    The bright, beautiful sounds and passions of France, Italy and Spain.

    I wish you could simply feel the pleasure of the sound vibrations touching your ears and skin.

    Why not close your eyes and let your heart and soul be in the world of sound?

    We look forward to seeing you at the venue!

  • my seafood restaurant recommendation ( Granada!)

    Hello ! Thank you very much for coming to my concerts in Koda Town and Taketoyo Town, Aichi Prefecture. Im so happy to seeing  you all ,  such a lovely people !

    We would like to share some of the photos not only on Facebook and Instagram, but also here on our website later.

    In the Taketoyo Town performance, I told that “Granada Province has mountains (about 3,500 metres, the highest peak on the mainland, where there are also ski resorts), but it also has the sea. The fresh seafood from there is also very tasty”, and I announced that I would upload a restaurant recommendation on the website!

    It’s Bar FM, a little off the centre. Address: Avenida Juan Pablo II, 54, Granada, Spain

    I went there many times during my tour of poetry and piano recitals with the great Spanish actor Juan Echanove. It’s different from the taste of Japanese seafood, but it’s delicious! The taste is a real treat. Try it!


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  • (日本語) パリの思い出 

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    インタビュー No.1

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  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  • (日本語) セルバンテス著「ドン・キホーテ」と「びいどろ学士」:正気な時を併せ持つ狂気から思うスペイン・バロック文学と我々の時代

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