• Friday,July 23nd, 2021 Concert in Okinawa

    Very happy to announce you Azumi ‘s First Recital in Okinawa island !!

  • Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021
    Founding of Azumi Nishizawa fan club, “Club Felice”

    Founding of Azumi Nishizawa fan club, “Club Felice”

  • Saturday, May 8th & 22nd 2021
    Concert at Tokyo TakagiKlavier

    Saturday, May 8th & 22nd, 2021
    Concert at Tokyo Takagi Klavier. 
    30persons max for Prevention of Coronavirus Infection. 
  • Saturday, January 30th, 2021
    Concert canceled , Matsudo city in March

    March concert in Matsudo city canceled
    Due to concerns over the spread of Coronavirus, we regretfully announce the cancellation of the concert in Matsudo city , March 7th.

  • Concert at Instituto Italiano di Cultura , the reservation has started !

  • Azumi’s recital in Kamagaya chiba prefecture in May

    Azumi will play in Kamagaya ( Chiba )

    Venue: Kirari  KAMAGAYA civic center hall 

    Friday May 14th  2021 at 13:30

    More information will  coming  soon ….


  • Concert Tour in China December 2021

    Azumi’s Concert  tour  in 7 cities in mainland China during the Christmas season in December 2021. We will announce the program  and venues later. 

  • Guest appearance in March
    Performing Romanian songs

    On March 7th, I will be performing at the Forest Hall in Matsudo City. This time including  some Romanian songs…., which Bartok’s work  to play  ?  Please look forward to it.

  • Saturday February 20th 2021
    Recital at Instituto Italiano de Cultura Tokyo

    A recital will be held at the Italian Cultural Institute, a cultural facility of the Italian government agency for the purpose of spreading Italian culture and Italian language.

    Details will be uploaded soon

    Starts at 19:00 on February 20th, 2020

  • Next New Album “Bellissimo”

    スクリーンショット 2020-12-21 17.45.47スクリーンショット 2020-12-21 17.45.58