• Poster featuring Azumi Nishizawa

    Poster for Friday, March 8 Shibuya concert wearing Italian jeans brand, Sartoria Tramarossa

  • Article on Azumi Nishizawa in Daily Yomiuri

    Article in evening edition of Japanese newspaper, Daily Yomiuri

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  • Greetings and thanks following March 8 recital

    Dear Friends,

    In Japan it must now be spring, with the refreshing breezes that season brings. I trust that all of you are enjoying life.

    My recital on March 8th at Shibuya Sakura Hall met with a highly favorable reception. I owe this success to everyone’s support, for which I am deeply grateful. I am also thankful that so many of you made the effort to attend at such a busy time of year.

    As a performer, what is most important to me is to have my audience share the joy of the music I create through my daily trials and delights. So I truly appreciate the warm support you show by coming time and again to hear me and sending your words of encouragement. (Not coincidentally, at this concert I was once again able to take full pleasure in the music and play from the bottom of my heart.) The joy and courage you have given me will fuel my efforts to push forward on the difficult path of art, ever striving to achieve my musical ideals and deliver them to each and every one of you.

    Thank you in advance for your continued guidance.

    Newspaper and magazine articles based on this recital and interviews I gave during my current stay in Japan are in the works; I will try to keep you informed.

    Finally, please take care of yourselves and enjoy spring to the fullest. I look forward to seeing everyone again, and I pray for your health and happiness.


    Azumi Nishizawa

  • Article by Azumi Nishizawa in Chopin

    “Listening to Falla on the Piano” by Azumi Nishizawa in April 2013 issue of Japanese piano magazine, Chopin (no. 351)
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  • Recital in Tokyo (Japan)

    Sakura Hall, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, Tokyo, 7:00 pm

  • Appearance in Tokyo (Japan)

    Live performance and autograph session at Tower Records, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Video courtesy of Ontomo Village

  • Newspaper articles about Azumi Nishizawa

    Articles about Azumi Nishizawa in various Spanish newspapers


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  • Recital in Cadiz (Spain)

    Cadiz Spanish Music Festival (Festival de Musica Espanola de Cadiz), Cadiz

  • Recital in Vicenza (Italy)

    The Castle Colleoni-Thiene, Vicenza, 5:00 pm

  • Recital in Vicenza (Italy)

    “Music & Stones” charity concert for the Bologna earthquake, Vicenza, 8:00 pm