my seafood restaurant recommendation ( Granada!)

Hello ! Thank you very much for coming to my concerts in Koda Town and Taketoyo Town, Aichi Prefecture. Im so happy to seeing  you all ,  such a lovely people !

We would like to share some of the photos not only on Facebook and Instagram, but also here on our website later.

In the Taketoyo Town performance, I told that “Granada Province has mountains (about 3,500 metres, the highest peak on the mainland, where there are also ski resorts), but it also has the sea. The fresh seafood from there is also very tasty”, and I announced that I would upload a restaurant recommendation on the website!

It’s Bar FM, a little off the centre. Address: Avenida Juan Pablo II, 54, Granada, Spain

I went there many times during my tour of poetry and piano recitals with the great Spanish actor Juan Echanove. It’s different from the taste of Japanese seafood, but it’s delicious! The taste is a real treat. Try it!


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