FALLA I The Complete Piano Works



The Record Geijutsu Magazine Award
This is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful CDs that I have heard in several years, one I knew upon first listening I could wholeheartedly recommend.The CD has value as a rare documentation of Falla’s complete piano works, but above and beyond that I was astonished by Nishizawa’s talent as a performing artist, which sparkles like droplets of light.

Jiro Hamada, music critic

SVRS 2089
BC: 4571376270893
Release: September 25 2010
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  • Track List:
  • 1. Nocturno
  • 2. Mazurka
  • 3. Serenata Andaluza
  • 4. Cancion
  • 5. Vals-Capricho
  • 6. Cortejo de Gnomos
  • 7. Serenata
  • 8. Allegro de Concierto
  • Cuatro Piezas Espanolas
  • 9. I Aragonesa
  • 10. II Cubara
  • 11. III Montanesa
  • 12. IV Andaluza
  • 13. Fantasia Baetica
  • 14. Canto De Los Remeros De Volga
  • 15. Pour Le Tombeau De Paul Dukas

Azumi Nishizawa – piano
Recording:January. 2010, Madrid, Spain


■Antonio Gallego, music critic and Member, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando)
Azumi Nishizawa is an outstanding pianist, but more than that, she is a first-class artist. Her performance style is polished, delicate, and highly poetic. Especially noteworthy is that she has wonderfully embodied the true character of Spanish music – said to be so difficult for non-Spanish to capture, and so often subject to cheap imitations of the real thing.As a rare compilation of Falla’s complete works for piano, this exceptionally beautiful CD also makes an important academic contribution. But above all, it gives the listener great joy.

■Josep Maria Colom, pianist
Nishizawa’s performance of Falla’s early works is outstandingly elegant without ever falling into sentimentalism. That of his mature works wonderfully embodies powerful emotional energy and the essence of the Andalusian spirit and the stern Spanish temperament, leaving a profound impression.

■Jiro Hamada, music critic
I was astonished by her rare talents as a performing artist, sparkling like liquid droplets of light. Not only in Falla’s major works, “Fantasia Beatica” and “Four Spanish Pieces,” but also in his early minor works such as “Nocturno” and “Cancion,” her ability not just to play the notes accurately but to put her full heart into them, calling forth a hidden beauty, is nothing but extraordinary. This CD marks the appearance of a shining new star, one from whom I definitely want to hear additional repertoire.

■The Record Geijutsu, Nov. 2010, Magazine Award
My heart was won over by Nishizawa’s delicate and subtle interpretation of Falla’s romantic works of youth. . . . Her rendering of his mature works (“Four Spanish Pieces” and “Fantasia Baetica”) is beyond criticism; I felt sheer admiration for her vibrant expression of Falla’s essence through her clear touch, deft fingerwork, and outstanding sense of rhythm. This performance is a nothing less than a masterpiece – a startling achievement.