• Friday, October 20th 2023
    Recital in Roma Italy


    venue:Via del Corso, 4 – 00187, Roma  start at 18h30

  • Saturday ,August 26th 2023
    Lunch Concert in Utsunomiya

    Doors open reception: 11:00 Concert begins: 11:30
    Angelo Court Tokyo Utsunomiya
    Utsunomiya Terrace 5F, 1-1 Miyamirai, Utsunomiya, Tochigi

    8,000 yen per person (including lunch)
    tel / 028-6147-4122宇都宮コンサートフライヤー



  • Concert notice of postponement

    The concert “Amigos de  Falla  Japon  ,2nd Concert: Falla, Life and Music Part 2” on 15 November at the Sumida Triphony Hall has been postponed due to various circumstances.We will inform you of the further information as soon as it has been arranged.

  • Monday, July 3rd 2023
    Concert in Roma Italy

    Lunedì 3 luglio, ore 18.30

    Concerto privato solo su invito

    @scuola internazionale di musica avos
    Via del Corso, 4 – 00187, Roma

  • Saturday ,June 24th 2023
    Concert in Kushiro (Hokkaido )

    JPEG西澤安澄ピアノ・リサイタル最終Venue: Hokkaido Kushiro Art Centre Art Hall Address/1-5, Saiwaicho 4-chome, Kushiro ℡ 0154-23-2381
    Date & Time: 24 June (Sat), doors open 18:00, concert begins 18:30
    Programme: Vivaldi, Rota, Leoncavallo, Malipiero, Fauré, Ishimaru, etc. *Subject to change.

    Reservations ℡ 090-4246-6230 (Ishimaru)

  • Thursday , June 8th 2023
    Concert at Ueno kyu-sogakudo (Tokyo)


    Piano recital at Ueno kyu-Sogakudo ( in Ueno Park) See map

    ▶︎Start :19pm

    ▶︎Fee :4000yen /5000yen
    tel /info / reservation :▶︎ ▶︎Fax:050-3428-3799
    Program / Vivaldi  ,Rota ,Malipiero ,Leoncavallo,Severac ,Mompou ,Faure etc.

  • Saturday ,May 13th 2023
    Concert in (Chita-Aichi )


    Saturday ,May 13th 2023  Open: 14:30  Start: 15:00
    Venue: Kagayaki Hall Yumetaro Plaza Taketoyo Civic Hall

    Fee :2000yen

    Info&Reserve: TEL / 0569-74-1211

  • Friday ,May 12th 2023
    Concert in Koda (Aichi )

    Open: 11:00  Start: 11:30  short concert

    Tsubasa Hall Kota city
    Fee 500yen

    Info&Reserve: TEL / 0564-63-1111  FAX / 0564-63-5186

  • Thursday ,May 4th 2023
    Concert in Karuizawa

    120230504西澤安澄様コンサートチラシ Ver.220230504西澤安澄様コンサートチラシ Ver.2

    Thursday ,May 4th  2023   <br> Concert  in Karuizawa  14pm open


    Musee Ando a Karuizawa


    5,000 Yen


    ◆モンポウ:歌と踊り 8番 Mompou: Canción y Danza Nr.8

    ◇フォーレ:主題と変奏 Faure:Theme et variations 

    ◆セヴラック:古いオルゴールが聞こえるとき Severac:Ou l’on entend une vieille boite a musique 

    ◇プーランク:3つのノヴェレッテ Poulenc: 3 Novelettes

    ◆ラヴェル:水の戯れ Ravel: Jeux d’eau

    ◇アルベニス:トリアナ Albeniz:Triana ほか

    【お問い合わせ|Contact】  TEL:0267-42-1230

  • Monday , December 19th 2022 Concert in Tokyo
    ” Amigos de Falla Japon”

    Date: December 19th (Monday), open 18:00 , start 18:30

    Program: Lectures and  piano concerts on the life and works of Manuel de Falla
    Venue: Ako Studio

    Ticket handling: